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Hafiika, Klim, Severo, Dominica, Luka – authentic children’s costumes, the owner of the “Adenchik-Badznichik” studio, Victoria Scherban called old names, writes Clothing is suspended in Cherkasy region, Kyiv region, Chernihiv region and Poltava region.

All suits are made to order, models do not repeat in color. The fabrics are used by famous German designer Willie Wohner: “We sew clothes according to the patterns that are presented in museums. Our main goal is to recreate national clothing in its authentic form.”

In addition to costumes (cost from 870 to 11 600 USD), there are also hats and jewelry (from 290 to 2726 UAH).

According to Victoria, most often, authentic children’s clothes are ordered from countries where the Ukrainian diaspora is present: “In Canada, asked to sew 30 costumes – this is the largest order at the moment.”

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