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On August 12-13, in Shevchenko village, Chernivtsi region, 12 places will be held at the village of Morintsy, where visitors will be able to see different Shevchenko.

In the program of the festival:

– the most popular and little-known works of Kobzar performed by Ukrainian musicians;

– concert (Kozak System, Vivienne Mort, Veremy, Dream of Life, Against the Flow, etc.);

– excursions to Shevchenko places (restored chapel of the grandfather Taras and the hut where the Shevchenko family lived);

– movie shows (“Turtle’s Nest”, “My Granny Fanny Kaplan”, “The Heritage of the Nation”);

– speeches by well-known writers, lectures on the theme of Shevchenko and the centenary of the Ukrainian revolution, poetry battles;

– theatrical performances;

– entertainment for children (master classes from straw-painting, drawing, contest for the best children’s performance of Shevchenko’s poetry).

Also, the action “Pictures to buy the Ukraine” – the sale of artists’ work will continue at the festival. All proceeds will go to help the military.

Free entrance.

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