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The true heartfelt love for our land came to me only in the last tourwith lectures and a photo exhibition “7 Lives of Women”.

The tour took place in Ukrainianmuseums, and we peacefully visited 25 cities in 7 months. Unlike the concert tours, this time I did not hurry home and deliberately lingered in each city not only to share inspiration with women, but also to find a source of inspiration for myself.

My main discovery were Ukrainian museums. We find the opportunity to visit museums abroad, but we usually have no time for it at home. That fact that the tour was held in museums became for me a real blessing and providence. I came in contact with the wonderful world and wonderful people, of which I had a very superficial awareness before the tour. This gave me the opportunity to enter into a deeper contact with the culture of each region.

Believe me, each regional center of Ukraine has amazing places in historic and energy context. The cities in the western part of our country give, perhaps, more colorful visual perception of architecture, music, national costume, but for me, the whole spirit of Ukraine does not exist without the history of Chernihiv, energy of Poltava or Zaporozhia. And I do not care whether it was the Museum of Cosmonautics in Zhytomyr, or the St. Miklos castle near Mukachevo, in both placesI wanted to cry due to the greatness of God’s love manifested through this earth and man.

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