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Ukraine is the point on the map, the point in my heart. That’s where my roots, creativity, soul, love, children, family are. I love Ukraine, I love Ukrainians: spiritual, bright, patient and, at the same time, strong spirited and courageous, devoted to their land.

My advice to the guests of our country is that they should visit the Western Ukraine. Exactly this part of the country, and the people who live there, keep our Ukrainian tradition, Ukrainian appearance, cuisine, customs and language. I love the city of Slavske in the Carpathian Mountains with its crystal, intoxicating air, peaceful silence, clear mountain streams.

And Chernivtsi! If I was asked where I wanted to live, I would say in Chernivtsi. I have a great love for this city. For me, it is a small Paris, always blooming, with narrow quiet streets. The people there are always kind, friendly, caring and so “warm”!

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