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Ukraine is the heart of Europe, a country with a wide range of cultural traditions and with a thousand-years history, in which the present has closely interweaved with the past.

Ukraine is a country with the glorious combat and military heritage. Being located at the intersection of cultural and trade routes, it for centuries has been attracting tourist with its rich cities, hard-working people and fertile lands.

Ukraine has always been in the slipstream of cultural processes in Europe:
majestic stone structures, reflecting the change of epochs and styles, are widely spread across the country.

Ukraine was called as the breadbasket of Europe. The agrarian set-up of the country, the inherent hard work and the innate sense of beauty have created and continue to create wonderful examples of folk art.

Folk music culture is a gem and a matter of national pride of Ukrainians.
National music, songs and dances crossed the border of Ukraine of long ago and have became a part of world culture.

Ukraine is made up of by strong traditions of classical European music and of rich musical heritage.
Ukrainian composers, musicians and artists have long been renowned, popular and in demand in the country and abroad as well.

Centuries-old architectural and artistic heritage is an important part of the national wealth of Ukraine.
Architectural ensembles, museums, exhibition halls and galleries attract all sectors of the country’s population, leaving no one indifferent.

Careful and considerate attitude toward history, military past and warrior days, is traditionally related to the worship of the older generation, its experience and knowledge.
The legacy of the past remains a source of education and formation of socially responsible and educated citizen.

Modern festivals open a new page of popular culture, continuing, developing and interpreting traditions of national and socialist [Soviet] festivals and national holidays.

A wide range of music concerts involving artists with different styles and directions, ballet and dance performances and international music festivals create a rich palette of cultural life.

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