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The Public Organization «Association for the Development of Tourism in Ukraine for Asia»(hereinafter – Organization) is a non-profit organization established on the territory of Ukraine in Kiev in early 2016. The activities of the Organization expand to the whole territory of Ukraine.The primary goal of the Association is the development and popularization of domestic (inbound) tourism in Ukraine for tourists from Asian countries, enhancement the role and authority of Ukraine the international community, including Asia, preservation and protection of cultural heritage of Ukraine, consolidation of the efforts of employees of tourism and related sectors for common actions on protection of their legal rights, insurance of professional and social interests.

Association cooperates with public organizations concerned about the growth and improvement of the Ukraine’s image as a European state. Thanks to the professionalism of the members of the Association, the quality of services provided in the tourism services market and the introduction of modernmethods and technologies, the number of members of our public organization growth rapidly, which in turn increases the quality of tourism services in Ukraine.

The result of popularization of Ukraine as a European tourist destination is the growth of economy in the sector of tourism, the growth in infrastructure, service sector (restaurants, souvenir shops, vehicle rentals, etc.), creation of new jobs, increase of contributions to the state budget, expansion and popularization of historical, cultural, ethnographic heritage and traditions of the peoples inhabiting Ukraine.

Our main activities include organization of congresses, conferences, seminars, workshops in cooperation with government agencies and other national and international public associations and foundations on the free of charge basis.

We are pleased to engage in membership in our Association both natural persons and legal entitiesindifferent to the problems of the development of tourism industry in Ukraine, in order to jointly develop cooperation with international organizations, promote the implementation of international norms and standards in the tourism industry in Ukraine.

After taking a closer look at our website, you will learn more about us and our goals, methods and activities. We hope that you will certainly want to join The Public Organization «Association for the Development of Tourism in Ukraine for Asia» and to engage in cooperation with us.

The Chairman                                                                                                        Marina Ignatusha

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