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Ukraine is a wonderful region which is always welcoming and friendly. Every corner of our land is happy to open its beauty to tourists. In recent years, the rest in Ukraine is becoming more popular, and it is little wonder that our Earth contains so many miracles! Here is everything of interest to a traveler.

Ukraine surprises not only but also Ukrainians themselves. Here are some little known facts:
• Perhaps many will be surprised by the fact that Khreshchatyk, the main street of Kyiv, is not so long as it might seem. Khreshchatyk is the shortest main street of the capital in Europe. It starts from the European Square, passes through Independence Square and ends at Bessarabia Square. Khreshchatyk has a length of 1225 meters.
• Arsenalna metro station is the deepest metro station in the world with the length of 105,5 meters. It was built among the first five stations in the capital of Ukraine, close to the Parliament’s building. The station got its name after the nearby large plant Arsenal. Since 1986 Arsenalna is recognized as an architectural monument.
• The world’s most ecologically-friendly carrier rocket Zenith 3SL is made in Ukraine by the Pivdenmash company. And thanks to that Ukraine is a part of the Sea Launch program, launching commercial payloads into space from a sea platform near equator.
• Dnipropetrovsk-based Pivdenmash factory makes the world’s most ecologically-friendly carrier rockets in the world – Zenith 3SL. Thanks to that Ukraine is a part of the Sea Launch program (together with USA, Russian and Norway). This project is to launch commercial goods in orbit from a floating launch facility near equator. Thus, all launches of “Zenith 3SL” were made from a floating platform “Ocean Odyssey” within the framework of the project Sea Launch. The rest of its modified versions were launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome.
• Oleshky Sands have often been called Ukrainian “Sahara”. The area of sands that spreads over several districts of the Kherson region occupies more than 160 000 hectares, making it the largest desert in Europe. Oleshky Sands can be clearly seen from space.
• “Shedryk” is a Ukrainian Christmas national song that gained worldwide fame in the processing of Mykola Leontovych, who wrote it in 1916. In English this song is known as “Carol of the Bells”.

Hundreds of prominent Ukrainians were and are the creators of world history. Artists and scientists, policy makers and composers, actors and writers – all of them give us the opportunity to say proudly whether abroad or at home: “I am Ukrainian.”

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